Openstage Subscription

£19.99 per month to access data and insights that will help optimise your business and be part of the world's biggest venue data base.

  • Free for the first 12 months
  • Identify and directly engage with the best artists to fill your venue
  • Direct links to managers and artists though our data base
  • Become visible to 000’s more potential customers and bands
  • Create customer loyalty schemes
  • Raise your venue status and increase positive sentiment
  • React quickly to threats and competition

Openstage Subscription

£19.99 per month for a virtual engagement and data services subscription to Openstage

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Increase Profits

More happy customers and more well-attended events tailored to local demand.

Reduce Risk

Identify and engage with potential customers whilst measuring the appetite for events in your area before you book them.

Raise Your Venue Status

Spot emerging trends via genre and buzz giving you the opportunity to beat the competition.

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Subscribe to Openstage

What you get

Standard Plan


per month

For a virtual engagement and data services subscription to Openstage


tick 12 months free subscription

tick Understand and quantify the demand for artists and genres in your area to optimise event bookings

tick Enable customers to tell you what events they want and help you to promote the events

tick Access artists demand and genre stats for your area

tick Let artists see your profile and local demand to allow them to book shows

tick Create loyalty schemes for your customers

tick Connect directly with managers and agents

tick Become part of the world’s biggest venue data base and be visible to thousands more potential customers online

tick Join the roster of our "Encore" campaign that supports the smaller venues by getting established artists to play shows in grass root venues


What is the Openstageit subscription service?

Service for bands to help them manage their fan base, the 21st century fan club

What does the service provide?

Fan Communication (up to 1000 fans emailed per month), profile page, social media integration, fan analysis and activity based insight, …

When is the money taken from my account?

Monthly, on the same date you signed (or the nearest working day) Payments commence after your Free subscription period has expired.

How long is the contract period?

You can cancel at any time.

When can I cancel?