What is a magnet?

What are Artist Tokens and Openstage Tokens?

What is the Openstageit subscription service?

What does the service provide?

When is the money taken from my account?

How long is the contract period?

When can I cancel?

How do I cancel?

Who is Openstageit?

What data can I access when I subscribe and can I download it?

Is the transaction secure?

How well is my data protected?

How will my fans hear about the service?

Can you fulfil tickets through the site for my gigs?

How long is the trial period?

I have subscribed for the service and I haven’t received my sign in credentials

How do I get help?

Can I have more than one user for the account?

What is geofunding?

Why do you need my card details?

What’s an acceptable amount to commit?

What happens if the event is confirmed but I didn’t geofund enough?

What happens if there are different levels of tickets for the final event?

What happens if the amount I committed is more than the final ticket price?

What happens if the event is confirmed?

How long will it be from committing with a geofund to finding out if my event has been confirmed?

What happens if the event I have support doesn’t happen?

Why should I support a tentative event?

I’m a fan. If I create an event I’d like to happen on Openstage and it generates interest, do I have to plan the event?

I’m a performer… what’s the benefit of me using Openstage?

I’m a promoter… what’s the benefit of me using Openstage?

Does Openstage screen which events are created?

Are there any fees?

I’m a fan. What happens if an event is confirmed, my money is taken and then the artist or promoter pulls the event? Will I get my money back?

Who is Openstage?