Openstage is home to talent enablement and fair play for everyone in the events industries. Be it fans or performers, Openstage is a place where fans can buy face value tickets, and performers can have the power of all their fans to help their careers. No more pay to play for the performer. No more hidden fees for fans.

I'm a Fan

Simple and fair should be the norm. Sadly it is not. The industry is full of all sorts of hidden fees.

What fees do I have to pay when I buy tickets using Openstage?

Simple, you only pay the face value of the tickets. That's it. Nothing more to say.

I'm an event creator

Imagine the bliss of never performing to a half empty venue again. Think how nice it would be to go where you’re desperately wanted by your loyal fans… sometimes in places you never dreamed of. As a performer or promoter, OpenStage will work for you in so many awesome ways.

What fees do I have to pay when I use Openstage to help sell my tickets?

Please contact us at here for more details on event fees.

How will the fees be calculated?

Openstage has a policy of no transaction fees to the fan. Therefore, we have to put the Openstage margin in the fee we charge the event creator. Don't worry, this makes very little difference as the price can just cater for this. Ultimately, we have to make a baseline fee per transaction. Dont forget, what is better for the fan is better for you. We believe you ultimately make more money by keeping your fans happy. We hope you agree.