So, what is Openstage?

Openstage is a platform that enables artists and fans to better find each other. Fans drop magnets for their favourite artists to tell them where they are and connect with them so that they can be ahead of the pack for all announcements and offers such as tickets, special pop up events or street team activations. Artists then have the ability to super-serve their most engaged fans and gain impactful results by making data-driven decisions.

For Fans

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Get closer to your favourite artists

  1. Would you like to be first inline for tickets, announcements and special offers from your favourite artists?

  2. Would you like to co-create events with your favourite artists?

  3. Would you like to get involved with campaigns for your favourite artists and be rewarded?

Say hello to Openstage the next generation fan platform! We have often heard it said that the two most important things in the music business are the music and the fans but yet many fans still don’t feel like they’re being heard or listened to. Even by their favourite artists. We built Openstage so that artists can have deeper connections with their real fans. There’s so much noise and choice within the current cultural landscape of social media and streaming platforms and we believe that some fans want to be more than just a follow or a like, they want to stand out. By dropping a magnet for their favourite artists fans signify that they would like to stand out from the pack and be super served. This will result in being first inline for tickets, exclusive artist offerings, events, and bundles. Or maybe its just that because you have reached out with your magnet, you will receive something, unexpected, some lovely surprise from your favourite artist.


For Artists

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Take control of your fan base

  1. Would you like to understand who and where your most valuable fans are?

  2. Want to build street teams and target your demand geographically?

  3. Do you want a platform that helps to maximise profits, opens up new revenue streams and acts on real demand data?

Say hello to Openstage the next generation direct-to-fan platform! At Openstage we believe that having a proper connection with your fans and knowing them better is simply better for business. And a lot more fun! In the current landscape of social media and streaming platforms it is can be hard to understand who and where your most valuable fans are. How can you trust “follows” or “likes” or streaming numbers when it comes to building a real fanbase? These data sources don’t amount to meaningful metrics about your real fans. Openstage’s suite of tools are the most precise in the market for locating and communicating with your fans so you can maximise the results of your campaign. Openstage helps you to unlock the power of your real fanbase.